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Article Published on 15 June 2024 by Elena Lewis|

Anastasiia, a talented 29-year-old hairstylist from Vladivostok, Russia, always loved being creative. As a kid, she dreamed of becoming a designer, a painter, a model, an ARTIST. And when she turned 18, she found her passion in hairstyling. She trained at a hairdressing school and became known for her trendy haircuts and styles at a salon in just a few years. But soon, she had to take a break after getting married and having her first born Eva. That break made her realize how much she loved and missed getting back in the salon and in just 3 years after giving birth, she decided to resume her career, and met Daria.


Daria is a makeup artist and soon became a good friend and a partner. Together they became what everyone called (and is still calling) – a dream team. Together, they soon opened their own small beauty studio. There they helped hundreds of people embrace their beauty and feel confident: from birthday girls, models to photographers and magazines.  


With a hairstylist's diploma, Anastasiia still continued to garner an array of certificates from advanced hairstyling courses. Anastasiia never stops honing her craft, ensuring her clients experience unparalleled professionalism and top-notch service. Her lovely styles for hair is edgy, elegance and natural.

In the bold leap of 2022, Anastasiia, alongside her husband, daughter Eva, and partner Daria, embarked on a daring relocation to California, settling in Los Angeles in January 2023. Her journey was not easy in the slightest, but now here she is.


Anastasiia and Daria, an unstoppable duo, are showcasing their incredible talent in LA, which they also show on their Instagram @disko_hair. So far, her journey in LA has been a whirlwind of collaborations with photographers, models, brides, and a myriad of fascinating individuals. From desert landscapes to captivating locales, her artistry has flourished in diverse settings.

For Anastasiia, the best part of her job is the people she meets, the friendships forged, the adventures embarked upon, and the freedom to unleash her creativity while living her best life.



Please share your journey from discovering your passion for hairstyling to becoming the successful hairstylist you are today.

Since childhood, I've loved everything related to art. I have a good sense of style, developed observational skills, and imagination. Throughout my life, I've enjoyed drawing, repurposing things, and creating with my hands. Hairstyling is no different for me; I can enhance the beauty and style of women through the art of hairdressing. Also, I've worked very hard to become a professional. How has your background in art and design influenced your approach to hairstyling?

The world of art and design is all about creativity. It's the ability to see ordinary things from a different perspective. I believe this mindset greatly aided me in the art of hairstyling. I appreciate classic styles that are timeless, yet I also enjoy inventing something interesting and unconventional. That's why I adore creative projects organized with my team; they allow me to fully express myself.

What motivated you to return to your career after taking a break following the birth of your daughter, Eva?

It's an intriguing tale! Initially, I hadn't considered continuing my career until my friend Daria inspired me. While visiting her for eyebrow treatments, she proposed collaborating and shared insights about the industry. Intrigued, I pondered the idea. Always open to new experiences, I sought stimulation during maternity leave, encouraged by my supportive family, motivating my return to work.

How did your partnership with Daria come about, and what role has she played in shaping your career?

Daria and I immediately clicked. Initially acquaintances, our relationship evolved into a partnership and then into a close friendship. She played a significant role; without her, I think I would have started my career later. Facing challenges together made starting out easier and more enjoyable.

What inspired the decision to open your own beauty studio, and what challenges did you face in the process?

We were inspired by our desire for our own space, where we could do things our way, free from outside influence, and provide quality service to our guests. We personally renovated our studio, investing parts of ourselves into it. Our goal was to create a cozy, stylish, and practical workspace, and we succeeded.

Can you tell us about your experience relocating from Russia to California, and how has this transition impacted your career?

Our relocation wasn't easy and deserves a separate interview (haha). But I can say it was worth it. Initially, it was challenging to integrate into work in a new country without a good grasp of the language, but after a year, it became slightly easier. Everything here is very different, and it takes time to adjust. However, there are plenty of opportunities. Believing in oneself, asserting one's style, and working hard are crucial.

How do you maintain the balance between edgy, elegant, and natural styles in your hairstyling?

The key here is not to overdo it. Each style requires a specific hairstyle, but one of the most important aspects is to match the hairstyle not only to the style but also to the individual's features, hair type, and so on. It's also about skillfully combining everything. I believe my hairstyles unite minimalism, precision. Regardless of the style, there's a sense of unity in my work.

What sets your hairstyling apart from others, and how do you ensure your clients receive top-notch service?

Currently, I work as a freelancer, and I guarantee excellent service and high-quality work because I work for myself and focus on quality rather than quantity of clients. I am interested in having clients return to me specifically. In the future, I would like to have my own guest space. As a perfectionist who greatly values good service, I can assure that everything there will be perfect.

Can you share some memorable collaborations or experiences you've had since moving to Los Angeles?

I've had several memorable experiences. Firstly, collaborating for your magazine was a fantastic experience, introducing me to talented people. Secondly, I made a hairstyle for the wife of a member of the band Slipknot for the Grammy Awards. I was in shock when I realized it; I listened to this band in my teenage years and couldn't have imagined back then that I would see them in person, let alone be involved in such an event.

How do you leverage social media, particularly Instagram, to showcase your work and connect with clients?

Instagram is my primary social platform for promoting and showcasing my work. I pay great attention to visual aesthetics, and most of my clients and valuable connections come through Instagram. I'm not chasing follower numbers; I value quality content and audience. Many people comment on my beautiful page and works, which I think is what attracts them.

What are your aspirations and goals for your career in hairstyling?

I want to fully develop here, open my own beauty studio, working with major brands. One of my goals is to work on film shoots!

What are your thoughts on the collaboration with Voraka Magazine, and what does it mean to you to be recognized by such a distinguished publication?

I believe our collaboration is a great experience, my first interview with such a well-known magazine, and for an English-speaking audience. Honestly, I'm looking forward to this article! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce myself in your magazine!


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