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Updated: Oct 20, 2023


Article Published on 16th Oct, 2023 by Portia Rossi |

Bethsabe Rosario is a determined, intelligent, and resourceful young woman with a penchant for righting the world's wrongs. She works tirelessly to help and comfort those around her as the coronavirus rears its head in New York. An ambitious activist, college student, and future nurse, she often works day and night, training at the hospital. She attended protests and demonstrations to make her voice heard on important topics.

At the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, Bethsabe made it her mission to educate the public about COVID-19 prevention and its devastating fallout worldwide. With the help of her brother and her friends, this small group of tenacious young adults sets out to make their mark on history — but not without attracting the ire of anti-maskers and right-wing radicals.

As the coronavirus takes its toll on the people of New York, a vivid picture is painted of the struggles and experiences of the Latin American community during this volatile time. Guzman-Rosario invites readers to share the customs, memories, and celebrations of a family desperately trying to survive and thrive amidst fear of the virus and its catastrophic results. Full of Puerto Rican and Mexican stories, traditions, and recipes, Bethsabe of New York melds together the tragedy of the pandemic with the joy of being in a close-knit community of family and friends.

When tragedy strikes the Rosario family, their bond of love and faith in God becomes more robust. After being diagnosed with COVID-19, Bethsabe’s family rallies around her and prays continuously for her recovery. Ultimately, their faith carries them through as they watch their beloved Bethsabe struggle to overcome various complications as she fights the virus. Throughout their fears and uncertainties, the unbreakable bond of the Rosario family becomes even stronger, and the power of unwavering faith is revealed.

A story of triumph and the goodness of the human spirit, this is also a coming-of-age tale for Bethsabe. Amid illness and uncertainty, a love story — and a story of broken trust and redemption — blooms between Bethsabe and her young doctor. She has another chance at true love, but only if she can forgive Juan for his past transgressions and the hurt he caused. Will she ever be able to trust him with her heart? Will Bethsabe get the happy ending she deserves? Get a copy of “Bethsabe of New York” to find out.



Sonia I. Guzmán-Rosario was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, on Tuesday, December 12. She is the daughter of Juan F. Guzmán and Carmen M. Rosario, wife of Oscar L. Troche, and mother of two young adults, Oscar Francisco and Paola Angelica.

At the beginning of her university studies, she completed an associate degree in Secretarial Sciences and quickly began working at the Medical Sciences Campus. Studying at night, she finished her Bachelor of Arts at Interamerican University.

At 22, she was a contestant in the Miss World of Puerto Rico, representing the town of San Sebastián. In 1987, she studied for two and a half years in the Department of Drama at the University of Puerto Rico. She had the opportunity to do commercials and work in several telenovela productions and some miniseries. Some were secondary; in others, she worked as an extra. Before getting married, her last job in show business was in 1993, where she played a drug-dealing nun. She dropped out of theater studies and completed a master’s in public administration. She completed the required courses, but due to health problems, she could not complete her thesis or the comprehensive exam. Before studying for this master's degree, she was interested in pursuing a degree in communications. When her children were young, she took drawing and painting classes with them. She painted various paintings on canvas, wood, and glass. Additionally, she has made mosaics, fine jewelry, and more.

Guzmán-Rosario, in the Summer of 2022, won second place in the Lone Star International Literary Competition for her compelling and moving short story, "La Mochila Ahogada." Exploring the subject of immigration, Guzmán delivers a warm and inspiring message.

Along with her Spanish-language bestselling debut in November 2020, this fiction and nonfiction novel, "Bethsabe of New York," is her first book as an author and is inspired by events related to COVID-19 during the first year of the 2020 pandemic (Spanish).

Guzmán-Rosario, possibly the first author or one of the first authors to write a fiction, non-fiction novel and explore the emotional and physical toll that the coronavirus has taken, specifically on people in the Latino community, tells a moving story about a family's will to survive against a ruthless enemy.

Guzmán-Rosario, one of the first authors to address the problematic issues that COVID-19 brought with it, offers a tribute to life, hope, and a genuine call to the conscience of humanity.


Please tell us about your background and upbringing in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

We were humble then; as a child, I only received love from my parents, especially my mom. They worked a lot for their family; my father had two jobs for years. At university, I graduated magna cum laude with an associate degree in secretary; I got a BA in arts, then drama, and a master’s degree in public administration.

What inspired you to pursue a career in writing after your experiences in the entertainment industry?

I had the opportunity to do commercials and work on several telenovela's productions and some miniseries. Some were secondary; in others, she worked as an extra. I love acting, and I want to start those studies again. Before I started writing, I took several courses on how to write a novel; I read articles from writers on YouTube, etc. Also, I have literary pages on Facebook from writers, and I asked them questions to improve what I was doing, and I did well.

Can you share some memorable moments from your time as a contestant in the Miss World of Puerto Rico pageant?

To continue reading the full interview, click here to download the October 2023 Literature & Arts special issue.


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