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Updated: Jul 27, 2023


Article Published on: 16 July 2023 |

"Flames of Eader" is a journey of discovery of origin and purpose for Grey, a young man who stumbles into the world of combat fairies, wonder, and magic. After escaping into books and video games, his journey intertwines with the battle between light and darkness which outcome holds the fate of the planet in its grasp. Grey meets the fierce Darby, who steals not just him from his home, but also his heart which he resists at every stage. There is also the feisty Lay and facetious Callan, and Grey learns how to navigate his shadowy past. He is challenged by not just the shadows, but also the light threatening to reveal his inner secrets, both within and on this new path. To conquer these, he learns how to control his inner darkness, throw himself off the tops of castles, and hurtle towards the destiny that has been laid out for him, since before he was born… The Flames will reveal Grey’s true nature, and lay out his path… Will he rise to meet this new challenge?

Flames of Eader by Author Carina Steinbakk in voraka magazine
Flames of Eader by Author Carina Steinbakk

Experience the Unforgettable Struggle Against Darkness in an Urban Fantasy Novel: Embracing the Triumph of Light Amidst the Shadows! It is a gripping tale that explores the relentless battle our world faces, where darkness threatens to consume us all. This extraordinary narrative reveals the insidious nature of darkness, highlighting its ability to infiltrate our lives and overpower us. However, within the encroaching shadows, a glimmer of hope emerges, urging us to fight back and allow the radiant light to conquer all.

Within the pages of Flames of Eader, a diverse cast of characters takes center stage, embodying the resilience and bravery required to confront the looming darkness. Through treacherous paths and harrowing challenges, they uncover ancient wisdom and hidden truths, empowering them to resist the malevolent forces that seek to engulf our world.

With each page turned, the author skillfully crafts a narrative that enlightens and captivates, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, hope remains steadfast. Through vivid settings and intricate plotlines, this urban fantasy novel invites us to discover the transformative power that lies within us—a power to overcome shadows and embrace the triumphant reign of light.

This urban fantasy novel talks about the battle our world finds itself in, and how the darkness can seep through and overcome us. Though if we know where to look, we can fight back and let the light concur with the shadows.

"Flames of Eader" is an absolute must-read and highly recommended to all the bookworms out there who are fans of fantasy novels.



From the magical fjords and mountains of Norway to the mythical highlands of Scotland, and down under to the mystical red sands of Australia, Carina Steinbakk has gathered the inspiration for her debut fantasy novel, Flames of Eader. Being an author has always been her dream. After working on short stories, creating characters in her everyday life, and naming most of the inanimate objects she owns, Carina started Grey’s Story in 2016, which was written with geeky passion integrated with a love for science and magic. Yousee, Carina works as an energy engineer by day, then disappears into the realms of fantasy at night. After completing an MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering, with a business degree on top from Aberdeen, she now works in Queensland, with a goal of producing clean energy and new fantastic worlds. Carina's wild imagination, sprinkled with life experiences, and her engineering background shed a colorful yet critical light on Earth’s wayward yet extraordinary ways in this twilight tale. She is also highly particular about her taste in chocolate and pet doggies and believes in unicorns. She is now working on the next chapter for the world of Eader, as part of a 4 book series, and will continue to use inspiration from her experiences and people she meets on her travels to build out this magical world.

With her unique blend of imagination, personal encounters, and technical acumen, Carina breathes life into her literary creations, inviting readers to embark on unforgettable journeys through her magical realms. The next installment of the Eader series holds the promise of further exploration, discovery, and the unearthing of hidden wonders, all born from Carina's remarkable ability to infuse her narratives with the essence of the extraordinary.

Carina's literary contributions are a gift to the literary world, and her unique blend of intellect, creativity, and imagination sets her apart as a truly remarkable author. Her stories have the power to ignite our spirits, expand our horizons, and remind us of the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of literature. Carina's enchanting narratives will continue to leave an indelible mark on readers, leaving us yearning for more.


How did your travels to Norway, Scotland, and Australia inspire the creation of Flames of Eader, your debut fantasy novel?

I have put a lot of myself in this story, from places I have lived, and my characters are inspired by people have met on my travels. I always felt a special connection to Scotland, and its warm people, magic highlands, and dark, foggy nights. And then this was so abruptly contrasted by the beauty of Australia, with the fantastical sunsets, beaches, and interesting use of the English language. It all inspired this book and the flow of the story.

As an energy engineer by day and a fantasy writer by night, how do you balance your scientific background with your creative endeavours?

The one endeavour easily feeds the other, where my passion for the creative helps me gain new perspectives in my day to day work and life, and vice versa.

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