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Article Published on 21st January 2024 by Gabriel Valor |

The world of Magic is something to behold. There are so many elements in our world that we sometimes take them for granted. In the book The Secret Magick of Defeating a Minotaur by Rainey Jeffers, we explore deep into one of the most intriguing aspects of the five elements of Magic. They have so much to teach us about life and our journey through it. Knowledge is power, Spirit is playful and fun. Add those to fire, water, earth, and wind, then you have one crazy adventure that will motivate you to follow your dreams.

You will meet several characters that bring to life an adventure we can all relate to. The main character is Alfie. He is a young boy with a desire to be a hero, like all of us at one stage in life. He’s not the smartest student, his mind loves to wonder while he is supposed to be learning. But the one thing Alfie is sure of is that he can awaken his power!

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With the help of several characters, Alfie soon learns that he has the one power that we all long for in life. We aren’t born knowing everything. Often, we lack the knowledge to use our surroundings for self-improvement until the day we discover how to leverage what the world has provided to alter our perspective. The Spirit of knowledge is the most powerful element of all. With this element, we can gain the knowledge to harmonize all elements and fulfill our dreams. Though there will always be people who want to bring us down or crush our dreams, we can do anything we put our minds to. A lesson that Alfie will learn on his journey through school and life after. Knowledge never ends. There is always something more to learn.

Magic is used to improve people’s lives and make them better. It doesn’t harm anyone but makes life a little brighter. It helps us to manifest our goals and transform our lives into something to be proud of. We use the elements and the powers they hold within. 

The most important element of spirit and knowledge is the leader and the center of the elements. It is one that we all have the potential to awaken in ourselves if we really put our minds in motion. Alfie is so sure that he can awaken his elemental power. No matter what anyone tells him, he knows it will happen one day when he needs it most. Gramps and Mr. Donovan are two other villagers who have awakened their power of knowledge. They use their experience in life to teach Alfie what direction he needs to go. Gramps and Mr. Donovan are mentors who change Alfie’s life and his mind forever. They never give up on him. They keep him going in the right direction. We all have someone we turn to when we need guidance in life. Without people like this, we can feel lost and unfocused. This is what Rainey Jeffers is all about. To inspire you to keep your attention on finding your dream job. 


The author, Rainey Jeffers, is from the beautiful island of Trinidad in the West Indies. Her love for kids was the deciding factor in making up this pen name. Rainey learned that kids need to associate names with everyday things. Therefore, she coined her pen name to draw kids and like-minded adults to her stories. Rainey knows of the importance of future generations and wishes to hand down valuable lessons through her writings and stories.

Ms. Jeffers has been a professional agriculturalist for the past thirty-odd years. The author had been involved in agriculture as a youth and, as a result, became an advocate for agriculture and food production in her country. Rainey had several mentors in her teenage years, one being an agricultural science teacher during her secondary education who saw that she had a natural love for agriculture science. It was this teacher who saw that Rainey would become an avid advocate of agriculture. 

However, Ms. Jeffers began her profession by teaching in a private school over twenty years ago. She recollects that her students always said that she spoke to them and not down to them. Rainey volunteered her time to several local NGOs advocating when she could that we grow and eat organic food and nurture the environment that we live in. 

She is a huge believer that literature and books have the power to influence their readers and leave a positive impact on their lives. Rainey began writing her debut book, The Secret Magick of Defeating a Minotaur in February 2023 with the goal of inspiring and motivating young children and youth to discover their passions and chase their dreams. 

This book serves as a resource to explore deeper, encourage discussions, and explore themes in ways that are meaningful. Rainey hopes her book and future works cater to children transitioning from primary to secondary level. Because she had a powerful influence through her mentors, Rainey wishes to motivate and educate kids at the same time about why school is important amongst other themes. Ms. Jeffers aims to inspire kids to make a difference in their relatives' and communities' lives to make their world a better place to live in.


Can you share a bit about yourself and your ties to the beautiful island of Trinidad?

My great-grandparents migrated to Trinidad as indentured laborers during the late 1890s. Being born in Trinidad to parents of East Indian descent, I was raised with deeply ingrained principles of family and altruism. Growing up in Trinidad, I have always deeply appreciated the weather, especially the distinct rainy and dry seasons we experience, as well as the breathtaking beaches. 

How did you come up with your pen name, Rainey Jeffers, and what does it mean to you?

Rainey was coined because of the rainy season we have in Trinidad. My father loved the comedy The Jeffersons. For me, the name Jeffers is a tribute to my father, who helped me to follow my dream. 

Why do you believe children must associate names with everyday things, as reflected in your pen name?

To continue reading the full interview, click here to download the January 2024 Literature special issue XV.


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