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Article Published on 07 April 2024 by Samar |


Looking for ways to make your time together in bed more enjoyable? Sometimes, men finish too quickly, leaving their partners wanting more. But don't worry! There are certain positions you can try that allow both of you to have a good time together.

1. Cross: In the Cross position, partners create a cross shape with their bodies. The man lies on his side while the woman lies on her back with her legs raised. This position allows for deeper penetration, which can be highly pleasurable for both partners. Since movement is somewhat limited in this position, there's less chance of the man finishing too quickly, allowing for a longer and more satisfying experience.

2. Modified Doggy Style: This position is a variation of the classic doggy style. Instead of the woman being on all fours, both partners lower themselves down. This adjustment aims to prolong the intimate session while still providing the excitement and thrill of the traditional doggy style position. It's a favorite for couples looking to achieve mutual climax together.

3. The Cowgirl: The Cowgirl position puts the woman in control. She straddles the man, who lies on his back, giving her control over the depth, pace, and angle of penetration. This position is favored by many women because it allows for direct clitoral stimulation, which can lead to quicker and more intense orgasms. Additionally, the movement involved provides a different sensation for the man, adding to the overall pleasure.

4. Missionary: Missionary is a classic and versatile position. The woman lies on her back while the man lies on top of her, facing her. This position allows for intimate eye contact and kissing while also providing easy access for manual stimulation of erogenous zones. By adjusting the positioning of their legs, couples can vary the depth and angle of penetration, making it a popular choice for its simplicity and effectiveness.

5. Spooning: Spooning is often associated with cuddling, but it can also be a sensual sex position. In this position, the man lies behind the woman, with both partners on their sides. The man penetrates the woman from behind, with slow and shallow thrusts. This gentle and intimate position allows for prolonged intimacy, as the man is less likely to become overstimulated and finish too quickly. Additionally, the close proximity allows for deep penetration and stimulation of the woman's G-spot, enhancing her pleasure and making it easier for her to reach orgasm.

Trying out different positions can add variety and excitement to your intimate life, helping you discover what works best for you and your partner. And with products like Mutual Climax condoms from Durex, designed to enhance pleasure for both partners, you can make your intimate moments even more enjoyable and satisfying.


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