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Article Published on 2 April 2024 by Kelley Rose | 


The universe is really big and there's a lot we don't know about it. Even though we've found many planets outside our solar system, some are still a mystery to us because we don't have enough information or they're just really strange. Here are five interesting exoplanets that scientists are really curious about.

  1. HD 106906 b: This planet is so far away from its star that scientists are puzzled how it even exists. Some people want to rename it Gallifrey, like the home of a famous time-traveling doctor.

  2. COROT-7b: Known as the "Hell planet," it's super close to its star, making one side incredibly hot and the other side freezing cold. It used to be a gas giant but now only has a rocky core.

  3. Gliese 436 b: This ice planet is paradoxically burning hot. It's covered in ice but somehow remains on fire due to its high gravity.

  4. Kepler-438b: Often called a 'second Earth,' it's far away and would take millions of years to reach with current technology. So, settling for Mars seems more realistic.

  5. 55 Cancri e: A planet thought to be one-third diamond due to extreme pressure and heat. It's worth a mind-boggling amount of money but visiting is a bit tricky due to its extreme conditions.


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