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Article Published on 09 April 2024 by Gloria Poletti |


Shapewear isn't a magic bullet, but it can be a powerful tool in your confidence kit. Whether you're looking for a smooth silhouette under a dress or some extra support throughout the day, finding the right shapewear for your body type is key. Here's the ultimate guide to unlock your shapewear secrets and achieve a comfortable, flattering fit.

Know Your Body:

The first step is identifying your body shape – hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle. Hourglass figures benefit from waist cinchers, while pear shapes might prefer high-waisted briefs to smooth tummy and hips. Apple shapes can find comfort in control bodysuits, and rectangles can use shapewear to define their waist.

Fit is Everything:

Don't be tempted to squeeze into a smaller size! Shapewear should feel snug but not suffocating. You should be able to breathe easily and move comfortably. Look for size charts that consider your natural waist, hips, and bust measurements.

Compression Levels:

Shapewear comes in light, medium, and firm compression. Lighter options are great for everyday wear, while medium to firm suit special occasions or provide targeted support. Choose the level that best suits your needs and comfort level.

Style Savvy:

There's a shapewear style for every outfit. Briefs, bodysuits, shorts, and high-waisted options offer different levels of coverage. Consider the neckline and straps of your clothing when choosing your shapewear. Seamless styles disappear under clothes for a smooth, invisible finish.

Comfort Counts:

Shapewear shouldn't restrict movement or cause discomfort. Look for breathable fabrics like cotton blends or mesh panels. Opt for wider straps and leg openings to avoid digging and pinching.

Shapewear for All:

Shapewear isn't just about slimness! It can offer back support, improve posture, and even help with post-partum recovery. Don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you.

Embrace Your Shape:

Shapewear is a tool to enhance your confidence, not change your body shape entirely. Love the skin you're in, and use shapewear to feel your most supported and empowered self.


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