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Article Published on 12 June 2024 by Kelley Rose |


Rihanna, renowned for constantly pushing the envelope, has once again set a new precedent. Known for her daring red carpet appearances and innovative maternity fashion, she continues to chart her unique course. At the launch of Fenty Hair, she made a memorable entrance with her natural cropped curls. But her hairstyle was just the beginning.

For her outfit, Rihanna combined the talents of two iconic Indian designers: Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra. This historic combination marks the first time a hollywood celebrity has worn pieces from both designers together. She wore a complete cherry red look – a strappy bodycon dress complemented by an off-shoulder bomber jacket in matching red.

The true highlight, however, was her jewelry. Rihanna showcased a breathtaking three-drop necklace by Sabyasachi, adorned with rubellites, tourmalines, and brilliant-cut diamonds. She also wore a striking ruby choker by Manish Malhotra, crafted with 18k gold and custom-cut rubies set with diamonds.

The significance of this pairing lies in the competitive nature of the Indian fashion industry. Having an international star wear creations from two leading Indian designers is noteworthy, but Rihanna took it a step further by merging their works in one ensemble.

This groundbreaking combination raises the question of whether it could inspire future collaborations between these designers. However, a subtle social media drama ensued.

Sharp-eyed fans observed that Manish Malhotra cropped out the Sabyasachi necklace in some Instagram photos, leading to accusations of "pettiness." One user humorously commented, "not yall cropping sabya." Another clarified, “She is wearing two neck pieces. The choker is from MM and the drop piece is from Sabya. MM cropped the photo to hide Sabya’s piece. Sabya didn’t.” Another suggested, “instead of cropping the necklace, you could have blurred it.”

Manish Malhotra posted three times on Instagram, with one showing Rihanna's full look, while the others were cropped. Fans noted that Sabyasachi didn’t crop the images, although he also didn’t tag Manish.

Despite the minor controversy, this event underscores Rihanna’s influential style and the potential for changing dynamics between two of India's foremost fashion houses.


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