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Article Published on 15 June 2024 by Kelley Rose |


Daria Goldina, a 30-year-old makeup artist from Russia, has recently moved to the bustling city of Los Angeles, marking a significant milestone in her successful career. Although she entered the beauty industry in 2017, Daria's professional journey began in a completely different arena—the maritime port sector. For five years, she worked in logistics, donning a hard hat and operating in a predominantly male environment. Her career shift was inspired by her first makeup instructor, whose artistic, creative, and feminine approach was a stark contrast to the rugged port life. In a world of helmets and docks, Daria found herself drawn to the art of makeup.


Daria's initial steps in the cosmetics field involved working with a local magazine in her hometown of Vladivostok. Engaged in the fashion scene, she contributed to a publication that highlighted the lives of notable individuals in the city. This experience of participating in professional photoshoots fueled her passion for the transformative power of makeup. After six months, Daria ventured into entrepreneurship by opening her own small beauty studio. Starting with friends and acquaintances as her first clients, she quickly earned a reputation for her skill. A pivotal moment was when she partnered with a talented hairstylist, forming a dynamic team that provided combined makeup and hairstyling services. Their collaboration led to the establishment of a full-fledged beauty salon, where they served an expanding clientele in a beautifully designed space.

Daria's journey doesn't end at the salon; she is a lifelong learner and a mentor in the makeup industry. Despite her years of experience, she continues to educate herself through workshops and masterclasses. Additionally, Daria offers "Makeup for Yourself" workshops, creating a community where women can embrace self-expression through makeup. At the core of Daria's mission is a deep commitment to service excellence. She doesn’t just apply makeup; she creates experiences that transcend physical appearance. Daria strives to provide exceptional care, ensuring that each client leaves feeling confident and beautiful.

Daria's passion for her work and her genuine love for people shine through in every aspect of her profession. She views makeup not just as a tool for enhancement but as a way to lift spirits and instill confidence. Her dedication to making people happy is reflected not only in her artistry but also in the warmth and kindness she extends to each client. Beyond her success in the beauty industry, Daria has taken on the role of an educator, sharing her knowledge with aspiring makeup artists. Many of her students have gone on to achieve significant success, demonstrating Daria's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a new generation of beauty professionals.

In 2022, Daria, along with her business partner and their spouses, embarked on a new chapter by relocating to Los Angeles. This move allowed them to continue their journey of creating beauty in a fresh, inspiring setting. Today, Daria flourishes in the dynamic and diverse beauty landscape of Los Angeles, where she combines her extensive experience with a dedication to continuous growth and empowerment.



Please share a bit about your journey from the maritime port industry to becoming a makeup artist, particularly your recent move to Los Angeles. In 2023, we moved from Vladivostok, Russia to Los Angeles. The first year was challenging; we knew no one and started from scratch, but with significant experience. My journey as a makeup artist began with a chance encounter with my first makeup teacher. She was so light, romantic, and fluttery. Warm and feminine energy emanated from her. I wanted to be like her. At the time, I worked in a seaport in a male-dominated environment, constantly having to prove myself as good as men, which meant I had to work much harder. Tired of the struggle, I decided to change my profession radically. How did collaborating with a local magazine in Vladivostok shape your passion for makeup and influence your career path? After completing my training, my first makeup teacher introduced me to the magazine producer, where I immediately started working with celebrity and well-to-do clients. At that time, I lacked confidence in myself and my work. I was scared, but I pushed myself and worked tirelessly. It was a very important initial stage of my career, where I learned to deal with unexpected difficulties, do makeup in 10 minutes, in a car, on a boat, in pouring rain. I met an incredible number of talented people. What led to the decision to open your beauty studio? We really wanted to create a space of beauty where our clients would want to spend more time, where they would feel not only comfortable but also at home. We opened a studio together with my partner, a very talented hair stylist, it was our dream studio. How did partnering with a hairstylist contribute to the growth of your business? I focused solely on makeup, but without a beautiful hairstyle, the look cannot be complete. My clients trusted me and liked my style of work, always asking for hair stylist recommendations. One of those stylists was Anastasiia Fobieianchuk. I proposed to her to work together, as a team of four hands. So the client could get a beautiful complete look from two professionals in 1-1.5 hours. Can you share insights into this journey and how your salon has evolved to cater to a growing clientele? We worked a lot, initiated creative photo shoots ourselves, and never refused interesting free projects. We actively managed Instagram and showcased our vision of beauty.

How does your commitment to continuous learning, evident in workshops and masterclasses, enhance your role as a makeup artist and mentor despite your extensive experience? I believe in the necessity of continuous learning and development. The world is not standing still, and our beauty sphere is no exception. Lots of new interesting cosmetics appear, and it's important for me to keep up with the times. How do your "Makeup for Yourself" workshops empower women to embody self-expression, and what inspired you to initiate them? I decided to create such a training format for ordinary girls "makeup for yourself". So that they could easily do makeup themselves, learn how to choose the right cosmetics, and stop wasting money on unnecessary makeup. After my training, every girl can do her own daytime makeup in 15 minutes, which looks like professional makeup.

How does your commitment to service excellence elevate your makeup application to create uplifting experiences?

A makeup artist is like a fairy godmother from the Cinderella fairy tale. I arrive very early to my clients and leave last. We carry heavy suitcases of cosmetics. But the client should see and feel only the magic of brushes, lightness, and a good and beautiful mood. How do you go beyond achieving a flawless look to ensure clients leave feeling confident, and what's your approach to crafting experiences beyond the makeup application? For me, a makeup artist is not just about makeup. A makeup artist is someone who is in very close contact with the client; they should inspire the girl, lift her spirits, show how incredibly beautiful and unique she is. How do you view makeup as a tool for enhancement and a means to uplift spirits and instill confidence in people? I believe that every woman is beautiful! And everyone deserves the very best of what they want. And I can only show her this and emphasize all her virtues. What motivates you to share your skills and knowledge, and what do you hope your students gain from your mentorship? It wasn't initially my desire; people started writing to me asking to teach them, I tried it, and I really liked it. And most importantly and indicative for me is that after the training, my students continue to work in the beauty industry and achieve great heights. My students always say about me that I know how to inspire and fill them with confidence. That's my superpower. What are your aspirations for the future, both personally and professionally, as you continue to blend your expertise with perpetual growth and empowerment in the beauty industry? In the first year in LA, I managed to work with local celebrities at LA Fashion Week. We created a wedding photoshoot - where we showed how stylish a bride can look in 2024-2025. New acquaintances and connections are emerging, which I am very happy about. My next goal, I really want to do makeup for Lana Del Rey, it's my dream. What are your thoughts on the collaboration with Voraka Magazine, and what does it mean to you to be recognized by such a distinguished publication? I am very grateful that you chose me as your makeup artist. It was an amazing experience working with such a professional team.


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