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Article Published on: 12 Jun 2023 |

Early tracking indicates that the female-led film featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is poised to outperform Christopher Nolan's highly acclaimed epic drama during the July 21-23 weekend.

In a significant move, Christopher Nolan, known for his box office hits and the Dark Knight trilogy, announced his next film, "Oppenheimer," with Universal Pictures after parting ways with Warner Bros. due to differing priorities regarding streaming and theatrical releases. Universal swiftly scheduled the release of Nolan's historical drama about the making of the atomic bomb on July 21, 2023, a date that holds significance as the revered filmmaker's favored mid-summer launching pad.

After initially scheduling John Cena's Looney Tunes film Coyote vs. ACME for the same weekend, Warner Bros. made a change of plans in April 2022. They decided to remove Coyote from the release calendar and announced that Barbie would take its place, opening on July 21, 2023, the same date as Oppenheimer.


Initially, analysts didn't pay much attention to the competition between the two films as a Barbie movie had faced delays in development before transitioning from Sony to Warner Bros. However, in recent months, the film has gained significant traction on social media, becoming a phenomenon. Based on preliminary tracking data from multiple polling services, it is indicated that Barbie is poised to emerge as the winner of the July 21-23 weekend, surpassing Oppenheimer. While the long-term performance of Oppenheimer, an R-rated, three-hour drama aimed at adults, is crucial, the significance of a strong opening weekend cannot be underestimated. Filmmakers, including Christopher Nolan, attach great importance to the theatrical success and aspire to top the charts in their film's initial weekend. Nolan has experienced a second-place opening before, as Interstellar debuted behind Disney's Big Hero 6 in 2014, ultimately reaching a global box office total of $701.7 million. The new leadership at Warner Bros. Discovery is actively seeking to repair their relationship with Christopher Nolan, as mentioned in a recent Variety cover story. Warner Bros. Film Group chief Michael De Luca expressed their desire to have Nolan back, believing that there is potential for that to happen. However, it remains unclear whether De Luca or co-chief Pamela Abdy considered the possibility of rescheduling Barbie from the July 21 date when they joined Warner Bros. after being hired by Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav.

The interview has sparked discussions within the industry, with several box office sources questioning why Barbie was not moved if Warner Bros. was truly committed to satisfying Nolan. While changing a release date is challenging, some


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