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Article Published on 10 May 2024 by Samar | ‘People are like glow-sticks. Sometimes they have to break to shine.’


Meet Ava Roberts - a fun-loving 29 year-old, living her best life. She’s got the cool pad in London’s trendy Shoreditch, the great job, and the beautiful fiancée - what could possibly go wrong? Lots

At her engagement party, Ava catches fiancée Scarlet and her co-worker having a naked tumble on the washer-dryer and her life instantly goes into a spin. Devastated and broken, she sets up home on her best friend’s couch, drinking her body weight in Shiraz and growing unsightly leg hair. After weeks of sobbing and stuffed with chocolate, best friend Jen encourages Ava to take action, to take back control - inspiring her to head off on a global adventure!

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It's a life-changing journey of self-discovery: 80 days through 4 countries – India, Thailand, Australia and South Africa. To sweeten the deal, Ava’s boss (aka Cruella) persuades Ava that her tragic tale is worthy of a blog. “It will be Utterly Sublime, darling!” she assures. Ava is not convinced, but the offer of a paid sabbatical is all too tempting. Besides she will be writing the blog with her bestie Jen. Win-Win! And thus the odyssey begins…

Thrilling, funny, and at times poignant, Ava's global adventure delivers not only the air miles but also the heart – lots of it. With each new country comes another wild experience: shark diving, saucy swingers, sexy hook-ups, even cow-birthing! Ava meets a host of inspiring new friends along the route - each friendship, however brief, teaches her a valuable lesson about herself, life, and ultimately the kind of person she needs to love.

 As her confidence grows, so does the popularity of her blog which reaches a fever pitch in Australia after she inadvertently exposes herself on national TV! “WTF!” It’s just what she doesn’t want, and Ava is instantly whisked up into a whirlwind of fame, excitement, and chaos – one that will unleash new opportunities and a fascinating ghost from the past.

Her. Beautiful. Seductive. Ex.

AUTHOR'S BACKGROUND: Lisa Frederickson is a first-time author and award-winning Creative Director who works in the television industry in London and Sydney. Born in Norfolk, England, she has always had a passion for storytelling, choosing to pursue her love of words by studying French and English Literature at University College, London, and at L’Institut Britannique in Paris. The perfect grounding for the future – plus she loves croissants!

 Her first experience as a professional writer was in television, where she worked as an in-house writer for UK TV in London. There, she penned a weekly online blog inspired by the iconic Bridget Jones Diary. Seduced by the heady buzz of the TV industry, she went on to write scripts for presenters and acting talent as well as writing a top-rating comedy series for the late, great Bravo TV.

 Although ‘The Utterly Sublime Adventures of Ava Roberts’ is Lisa’s first novel, she has previously edited another work of fiction: ‘Faking It’ by Jade Winters which she views as great practice before trying it alone. “I guess it’s like learning on the nursery slopes before daring to hurtle down the black run, completely out of control on your own book!” Thankfully, she hasn't hurtled too much out of control as her book has been receiving some stellar reviews. Woman's Day magazine (Australia) called it 'A side-splittingly funny and inspiring comedy.' and Who magazine 'A funny romance with a touch of Eat, Pray, Love.'  Nominated for an ABLE book award down under, Lisa is busy thinking about her next writing project. “Maybe it will be a sequel with the utterly sublime Ava Roberts, maybe something completely different. I’m just hoping I’ve learned enough from my first attempt to make it a bit easier this time. Who am I kidding? It’ll be tough – like all the best things in life. But that’s why they're the best things, isn’t it?”

Are you ready for an adventure that will leave you laughing, swooning, and feeling utterly inspired? Look no further than Lisa Frederickson's debut novel, "The Utterly Sublime Adventures of Ava Roberts." Packed with humor, romance, and moments that will tug at your heartstrings, this book is a must-read for anyone craving a delightful escape from reality. So grab your copy today and join Ava on her utterly sublime adventure—you won't regret it!


What inspired your transition from TV Creative Director to debut author?  In short, storytelling. I love it! Whether for TV, film, trailers, or books. TV has been my career and passion for a long time, so I wanted to explore storytelling in a different form - bringing a story to life with words. It’s invigorating to take on a new challenge- and hard!  How did your TV writing background influence your novel, "The Utterly Sublime Adventures of Ava Roberts"?  To continue reading the full interview, click here to download the May 2024 Literature special issue


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