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Article Published on 28th Oct, 2023 by Portia Rossi |

With the book, 6 Leadership Skills, Dr. Eleonora Bonacossa wants to accompany readers as they journey to the next level of leadership. This journey begins by admitting you don't have all the answers and yet are willing to listen proactively. Ultimately, this leads to the most important task of any leader: creating the right working environment so that people on the team can thrive. The right working environment is founded upon three specific qualities: Valuing, Caring, and Encouraging.

This book is aimed at middle management, at those managers who are ready to do the inner work, who are self-aware and self-managing, and who are motivated to continue on their own leadership development journey. The book is also for those managers who have been inspired by their coaches, mentors, or senior executives to develop themselves further in the direction of leadership with a spirit of curiosity and humility.

This book will also benefit those who have to work professionally with others – e.g., in extended teams or with stakeholders – and who desire to develop their own capacity as leaders in their own given field, subject, or business.

Leadership, like all other skills and abilities, can be learned. However, learning Leadership is different from learning technical skills and disciplines such as Sales, IT, or Finance. Developing leadership skills requires emotional and social intelligence, so training both intellectual and emotional competencies is of paramount importance. The author is aware that many other skills are currently being discussed and researched. However, she has chosen to focus on the 6 top core leadership skills that she believes create the most sustainable and revolutionary change.

6 leadersip skills by Eleonora Bonacossa

According to Dr. Eleonora Bonacossa, these six leadership skills have the greatest impact on organizations, on ROI (Return of Investment), on ROE (Return of Engagement), and last but not least, on each and every member of a team, who are in fact, the real focus of this book.

Learning and practicing these 6 leadership competencies should help prepare one to confront many of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. These skills characterize the heart of leadership: the management of professional interactions and interpersonal relationships between leaders and teams. This is the key to ensuring a healthy working atmosphere and the prosperity, success, and sustainability of the organization.

The direct results of practicing these 6 leadership skills are seen in increased individual overall performance, better decision-making, and greater overall individual and team satisfaction. The end result will be a noticeable and measurable increase in overall productivity. Because they are anything but 'soft', the author does not refer to them as 'soft skills'. They are 'real competences,' therefore, she prefers to define them as 'human & relational skills."



Dr. Eleonora Bonacossa is an internationally certified Business & Leadership Coach and founder of ARETA new perspectives for leaders, a leading European provider of key competencies and development solutions for leadership in a new work and business environment.

In her work as a business coach, she is often confronted with the suffering of employees and managers in relation to their professional activities. She hopes that her work will contribute to the overall effort to reduce the amount of pain and suffering in the workplace, which can be achieved by rethinking, acquiring, and training specific skills.

Dr. Eleonora Bonacossa began writing the book “6 Leadership Skills, die Dich zum Gamechanger machen” in February 2021 during the height of the Pandemic. The book was first published in 2021 in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany in German. The “Leadership Workbook,” a six-month training program, followed shortly thereafter, published by the Neue Business Kultur Verlag.

The Publishing Label Neue Business - Kultur Verlag - NBK - is a brand of the Management Coaching Institute ARETA new perspectives for leaders, based in Frankfurt, Germany. NBK provides media that advocates for a more humane and person-centered business culture.

The English version of the book "6 Leadership Skills to Unleash the Gamechanger in You and Your Team" was published globally in December 2022 in paperback, hardcover, and as E-Book. In addition, a Premium illustrated edition is currently available in English under the same title.

"6 Leadership Skills" is the result of the author’s many hours of coaching clients and accompanying them as they strive to overcome issues in the workplace, including the lack of psychological safety, the low sense of respect and belonging, and the mounting disharmonies that people are currently experiencing in the work environment. This needs to be understood, internalized, and confronted. If through her writings, Dr. Eleonora Bonacossa can influence the hearts and minds of leaders, especially the leaders of tomorrow, she believes her role as an author and coach has been fulfilled.

Through her book, "6 Leadership Skills," Dr. Eleonora Bonacossa wants to remind all leaders - who are passionate about business - not to forget that they are first and foremost human beings and that they must commit themselves to remaining HUMAN by investing in people first.

Leaders who manage other people have an enormous impact on other people's lives and are therefore in the unique and privileged position of being able to decide the future destiny of others. This must be done with a deep sense of commitment and responsibility.


What inspired you to become a Business & Leadership Coach?

The distressing realization that the average leader works ten years in a leadership position before receiving any formal leadership training, and the impact this void has across the whole organization, including suffering, psychological distress, and massively curbed productivity. Experiencing the result of this dysfunction daily in my coaching sessions inspired my decision to help transform this situation.

Can you share the main challenges leaders face in today's evolving work environment?

Some challenges are external, i.e., phenomena such as the "Quiet Quit" or the "Hybridization of Work," while others are more internal and personal, such as practicing vulnerability and authenticity as a leader or bridging the gap between what we say and what we do. This "inner work" is definitely the biggest challenge!

How do you help people reduce suffering in the workplace as a business coach?

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